Blomgren Finland Oy Ab is a Finnish Family Company

Our company Blomgren Finland Oy Ab was founded in 2020. We are a Finnish family business that employs two employees. We have almost 20 years of experience in sales tasks in the furniture industry. The idea to start our joint family business came from the fact that we wanted to combine our professional skills and know-how.

The founders of our company, Susanna and Jari Blomgren, manage Blomgren Finland Oy Ab. Jari works as a sales director and he is responsible of b-to-b sales. Jari has worked in sales since the beginning of his career. Jari has get experience in the furniture industry since 2008. Our CEO, Susanna, has been working in the furniture retail industry for her entire working career, since 2005. Susanna has The Bachelor of Business. In her studies, he specializes in business logistics. In addition, Susanna has trained as a commercial interior designer.